8 oct 2012


High quality teaching and learning fit for 21st century classrooms anywhere in the world. 
It is context-embedded, content-driven with clear pluricultural learning outcomes. 
It sees language as our greatest learning tool and it connects learners to the visions and realities of language using for different purposes at different times. 

  • more than a change of the language of instruction.
  • taught through L2.
  • for all type of learners.
  • making a strong sense of affiliation: Teacher - Students.
  • not suppressing L1
  • fosters:

    • critical thinking.
    • self-esteem.
    • co-operation.
    • autonomy.
    • dialogic discourse.

  • meaningful, explicit and visible.
  • creates high expectations = engaging
  • reflecting on learning processes.
  • scaffolding L2 and contents.
  • connecting cultures.
  • participative.
  • cognitively challenged.
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