DANIEL MARTÍN Bilingual School Program.

We have divided all the contents inside every cycle, 2 years. This is because CLIL demands an extension of the units. If a unit is about 2-3 months we provide children with the possibility of producing in all skills and gaining a conversation about the topic at the end of this period of time. No topic is repeated along the cycle. Contents in each cycle into two years are divided among the three cycles making them more complicated depending on the age.

1st Grade: Body, Food and Plants, Clothes, Family and friends
2nd Grade: Animals, Solar system, My planet
3rd Grade: Body, Plants, The Earth, History part 1
4th Grade: Animals, Energy and machines, Europe, History part 2
5th Grade: Body, Spain, Plants, History and Art part 1
6th Grade: Animals, Matter, World Geography, History and Art part 2

At the same time, English follows the European Framework and the Cambridge University Young Learners Scale. This means, that at the end of the 1st cycle children have A1 level (starters), 2nd cycle A2 level (Flyers) and 3rd cycle B1 (KET/PET).
At school we have internal exams that show us the progress of our pupils and Community of Madrid establishes external exams at the end of every cycle.

Primaria 1st cycle
Primaria 2nd cycle
Primaria 3rd cycle

1st Grade: Phonics and use of English
2nd Grade: STARTERS // Trinity College external exam (Oral skills)
3rd Grade: MOVERS
4th Grade: FLYERS // Trinity College external exam (Grade 5)
5th Grade: K.E.T. for Schools
6th Grade: P.E.T. for Schools // Cambridge ESOL 

CLIL demands merging three subjects (English, Science and Art & Crafts) in one. Module contents will be divided into linguistic, non linguistic and cognitive contents. When the teacher teaches these three subjects he can manage his sessions to gain the goals marked. But when there are more than a teacher, there must be a good coordination between eachother. The main subject is Science and the rest of subjects have to support. It requires a previous work that has to be continuously followed at meetings every week,  on Wednesdays.

The idea is to help those students who do not reach the level of the course and help them to acquire it. A material that can be used is the Cambridge Past Papers of the previous course/level. Example: A 4th grader (FLYERS) will be helped by using MOVERS.
Apart from this an initial evaluation will be needed to know the learning starting point.
Flexible groups are also used to work harder some skills.