Classroom Library
Children take books of different genres from the library, they read and they fill in a reading sheet. Teachers collect the information about the books read. There is a minimum of three per course. There are linguistic books and science books to reinforce both contents. Teachers guide students to get the most suitable book.

Book of stories (from 2nd to 4th grade)
There is a book with 10 stories that all together read aloud and some individual exercises at the end. Teachers are focused on the pronunciation. Comprehension is checked orally and later there are exercises based on Cambridge exams patterns.

Science readers circles (from 3rd to 6th grade)
There is a set of Science topic books; each book is repeated 6 times. 
Teacher creates circles. Each circle works on a book. Every single pupil read the book aloud, and can be corrected along his reading. At the end, there is a role for each child and they have to do their job. Once all finish there is a group goal they have to reach.

Reading aloud books
In the first cycle there are 2 books for the last two terms which have to be read aloud paying attention to the pronunciation. 
In the rest of the cycles there is a book per term. Assistants have a great opportunity in this activity...