The possibility to use a language is obvious in a global world.
Oral interaction reached a key importance due to world´s needs. That is why, 21st century students are demanding a natural acquisition of second languages. This draws a teaching map which highlights oral skills at the first stages and reading and writing are coverted into complementary skills.

So, What is CLIL from high education teachers point of view?

Second language methodologies are showing an Educational Enlightenment
It was known that second language teachers applied their methods in a different way compare to first language teachers. Their estrategies were based on participation, dynamism and team work.
CLIL is an approach that demostrates that not only second language subjects can engage students and that students are demanding teachers to work as guides adapted to their social realia.

New technologies are not new for the last generations, they were growing with them.
All through teaching history methods which were not able to update were erased from good teaching tips.
Students required a change somehow in the way they receive the information and sometimes is not more than  an updated format. They are digital natives and they demand digital formats.

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